1. Contacts

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Łódź
ul. Sienkiewicza 9
90-113 Łódź
Tel. 42 664 66 66
Fax 42 636 55 32
e-mail: uczelnia@san.edu.pl
NIP: 725-10-56-220

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Warszawa
ul. Łucka 11
00-842 Warszawa
tel.: 22 656 36 15 – dziekanat 101
tel.: 22 656 36 16 – dziekanat 1
tel.: 22 656 32 60 - dziekanat 120
fax: 22 379 68 34
e-mail: rekrutacja_wawa@san.edu.pl

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Kraków
Wydział Nauk Stosowanych
ul. Smoleńsk 14, 31-112 Kraków
tel/fax: 12/346 31 21
tel. kom. 604 573 194
email biuro: krakow@spoleczna.pl

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Londyn
Kierownik Dziekanatu Wydziału Społecznej Akademii Nauk w Londynie
mgr Kamila Pawłowska
tel: +44 75 15 95 89 34
email: kpawlowska@spoleczna.pl
Adres: Adres: 7 Benkart Mews
Queen Mary's Place

2. Erasmus+ Coordinator

Ernest Nowak
E-mail : erasmus@erasmus.com.pl
Tel : +48606388854

3. Academic Authority

Rector of the University : dr hab. Roman Patora, prof. Społecznej Akademii Nauk

4. General description of the University

The University of Social Sciences also called SAN or Społeczna Akademia Nauk , located in the centre of Warsaw, is a top ranking university which, due to close collaboration with Clark University (USA), enables its students to obtain the American MBA. Students may continue their studies in the USA or complete internships there.

The University of Social Sciences has been operating for 20 years winning numerous distinctions and awards. Leading positions of the UoSS in successive nation-wide rankings confirm the concern for the quality of education and increasing position of the university in Poland.

Immense interest in the studies offered by the University of Social Sciences results from its emphasis on developing practical skills. The faculty of Journalism and Social Communications has at its disposal professional radio and TV studios; The faculty of English Studies boasts high-tech language laboratories; The faculty of Finance and Accounting or Management has developed an extensive programme around case studies.

The students are encouraged to participate in exchange programmes and internships in prestigious partner universities throughout the world within, among others, the Erasmus programme.

Studies at the University of Social Sciences in Warsaw opens the door to a professional career which may begin in the course of studies!

  • The University is conveniently located in the centre of Warsaw – 10 minutes from the Central Railway Station
  • Branch campuses of the University are located in main Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kielce,Lodz, Cracow and 15 others, including a branch campus in London.
  • The UoSS employs top class academic staff and renowned practitioners and specialists to provide high quality study programmes in both Polish and English
  • The University of Social Sciences was the most popular non-public university in Poland in 2014 according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Educational programmes reflect the needs of the rapidly changing world
  • The University of Social Sciences educates approximately 15 000 students from Poland and abroad every year. International students come from countries such as: Norway, India, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and many others.
  • The University boasts first-class learning facilities: radio and TV studios, language labs, computer labs and a gym
  • University's buildings are conveniently located in the center of each city. Modern campuses are equipped with all tools necessary in top quality and practical education process. The well-prepared facilities include lecture rooms, workrooms, language labs, computer laboratories and conference halls, all with a wireless Internet connection. Additionally, students may use the University library, a gym and a canteen.
  • The University has longstanding teaching experience in international education. It employs over 500 lecturers from Poland and abroad. The academic staff was selected from top-class researchers and renownedbusiness practitioners with corporate experience.
  • So far, more than 40 000 people graduated form University of Social Sciences.
  • The UoSS runs a Student Career Centre assisting students.
5. List of degree programs offered

FIRST Level – Bachelor

European and international administration
Government and local government administration
Treasury administration – TAX (NEW)
E- administration (NEW)
Managing local and regional development (NEW)

Interior design architecture
Green areas architecture
City planning and land planning

Global and regional security (NEW)
Business safety
Public safety and public protection
Protection of classified information, personal information and business information (NEW)
Emergency management

Written press, radio and television
Photography advertisement and editorial
Computer graphics in the media
Media marketing and PR (NEW)

Director/cinematographer film, television and advertising
Acting film, television, advertising, stage and theater
Production of film, television advertising and theater.

English for business
Intercultural communication in business and advertising

Business finance
Public finance
Banking and financial consultancy (NEW )

Medical rehabilitation

Animation (NEW)
Multimedia (NEW)
Advertising (NEW)


Graphics and design of computer games
Computer graphics in the media
Informatics for humanists
Internet technologies
Computer systems and networks

Aesthetic cosmetology
Spa and wellness

English – German (A-N)
English – Italian (A)
German – English (N-A)
German – Italian (N-W)
International cooperation

Euro logistics
Logistics trade and distribution
Logistics industrial enterprises
Quality management in logistics
Transport – shipping – logistics (TSL)

Pedagogy care with English
Pedagogy of care ad upbringing
Pedagogy rehabilitation
Pedagogy childhood
Career advice

More information in the dean’s office

Business psychology
Counseling and personal psychology
Clinical psychology
Social psychology
Sport psychology

Degree in pedagogy with a specialization in rehabilitation of social prevention and crime prevention.

Socio criminology
Social policy (NEW)

North American studies
European studies
Asian studies
Art of diplomacy and international negotiations
Intercultural management (studies in English)

Hotels and restaurants
Management in tourism business

Interactive marketing and public relation (NEW)
Financial management and accounting
Intercultural management (studies in English) NEW
Management organizations
Human resources management.

Second level – Master

Public administration and management – profile specialization in management

The internal security of the state
Military security and defense
Emergency management and rescue

Business management
Master’s degree from the American Clark University

E- business and professional communication – profile specialization in management

Specializing in teaching (teaching English)
Translation studies
Linguistics with element of business
American culture and communication in business
American studies
Business communication; business communication and master of science in professional communication
Polish-American studies
Master of Science in Professional Communication (American studies )

Accounting and finance in management – profile in management

Surveying economic
Cadastral and real estate management

Master – semester (for engineering graduates)
The integration of open systems
Visualization system and information management
The four master (for graduates of undergraduates studies):
Business informatics
Specialization in visualization system and information management
Specialization in integration of open system
Community informatics.

Logistics management – module profiled in management

Pre and early school
Rehabilitation pedagogy of pedagogical therapy
Career counseling and personal counseling
Pedagogical psychology
Social prevention of crime prevention
Psychomotor education, andragogy with elements of pedagogy work

Studies profile: general education– social science, the field of science – legal science, scientific discipline – law

Health psychology and clinical
Business psychology and counseling

Business psychology – profile college uniform master majoring in psychology

Diplomacy and political relations
Foreign trade
Regional policy
Euro regional policy
New centers of the modern world
The media and international communication. Media in the modern world
International business

Administration and public management
E-Business and professional communication
Logistics in Management
Profile is management
Accounting and finance in management
Public health and management in health care
Business management (Master + magister)
E-Business + professional communication (Master + magister)
Info logistics (Master + magister )
Public health and management in health care – module profiled in management.

Third level - Doctor
Seminal doctoral management
Doctoral seminar in computer science

First level - Bachelor
Architecture and urban planning
National security
Journalism and communication
European studies
Film and art audiovisual
English philology
Finance and accounting
Geodesy and cartography
Computer Studies
News media
Special education
Social work
International relations
Tourism and recreation
Public health

Second level - Master
Computer science and IT
International business communication
International business management
Tourism and recreation
Masters of science in professional communication (Clark university)
MBA (UoSS) + Master (Clark University)
Business psychology

Third level - Doctor
Information technology
Applied linguistics 

English philology
Cultural studies
National security
Summer Academy of language
Rehabilitation of social prevention and crime prevention

6. Accomodation

In Warsaw
University of Social Science does not have their own dormitory . Students are advised to look for a place in the dormitory of other universities located in Warsaw or to search for a room in privately owned flat. Warsaw University of Technology for example offers accommodation solutions. It is called Bank of Places and it opens on 18th of October. Before 18th of October students can't get place in the dormitory.
You can find more details on :

In Krakow
Thanks to the courtesy of University of Economics Krakow and of miss Agnieszka Nowak we have information about possible accommodation.

Contact person : Agnieszka Nowak Phone : ‘’12 293 55 56’’ nowaka@uek.krakow.pl when you send an email to this persons please also inform Mr Ernest Nowak in the e-mail to erasmus@erasmus.com.pl

Accommodation possibilities in Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Krakowie dorm.

Contact person : aneta.rudziejewska@awf.krakow.pl when you send an email to this persons also add in the mail Erasmus@erasmus.com.pl

  • Dormitory Przemyska 3 Phone : 12 431 10 50
  • al. John Paul II 80, Kraków Phone : 12 683 14 28

Estimated prices for renting flats in Krakow (a min. is 800 PLN), price depends on the location and the number of bedrooms in the flat (the price is per flat and includes average cost of media, price is given in Polish currency PLN). Note that prices for renting a flat for one semester might be higher than renting for the whole year.

A: Close neighborhood to the Old Town (~ 500 m from the City Center) Distance to Main Square or Cracow University of Economics: 5 – 15 min (walk)
B: Close neighborhood to the City Center. Distance to the Main Square or Cracow University of Economics: 15-30 min walk (5 –10 min by bus or tram)
C: Parts of the city located near to the center. Distance to the Main Square or Cracow University of Economics: 10-20 min (by bus or tram)
D: Far from the City Center but with well communicated by public transport. Distance to the Main Square or Cracow University of Economics: 20-30 min (by bus or tram )

Apart from rent price there are additional monthly costs (shared by the number of people living in
one flat):
- Electricity
- Water
- Gas
- administration fee
- internet

In Lodz
Contact person Justyna Wielgus
Mobile 0048695380394

1000 PLN deposit
Single room 600 pln/month
Twin room 1000pln/month
Triple room 1400 pln/month

2 kitchen on 4 and 5 th floor
1 bathroom for every 2 rooms.

When contacting please mention that you were directed by Ernest Nowak from SAN

7. Insurance

Medical care in Poland is not free of charge. Health insurance is mandatory for all students for the entire duration of their stay in Poland. The students from non-EU/EEA countries are recommended to buy medical insurance in their home country or immediately after their arrival in Poland. Otherwise students are required to pay for any health service they get. Foreign students are also advised to purchase third party liability insurance and accident insurance.

EU citizens staying in Poland are legible for free health service, providing they present their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). EU citizens not having insurance in their country of residence and non-EU citizens may sign insurance agreement with the Polish Health National Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) and purchase insurance for the monthly fee of 40 PLN. Under bilateral agreements the citizens of the U.K., Sweden and Slovakia are entitled to free medical care. Under an agreement with the Czech Republic Czech students are entitled to necessary medical care in cases of sudden illness or accident. Optionally, you can buy additional insurance in the selected insurance company.

More information can be found on The National Health Fund website www.nfz.gov.pl

8. Visa

Non EU/EEA students need to arrive in Poland with a student’s visa obtained at a Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. It is important to remember that visas are granted for a maximum of three months. In order to extend the stay in Poland, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit for specified period of time in Voivodeship office 45 days before visa expiry date. For further assistance students are strongly urged to contact the International Relations Office of their university. More practical information about: coming to Poland, legalizing your stay, medical care and insurance, driving licence, addresses of diplomatic missions of in Poland is available at www.msz.gov.pl (Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

9. For students

Lux Express : https://www.luxexpress.eu/en
Polski Bus : http://www.polskibus.com/pl/index.htm

Polskie Koleje Państwowe : http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en

Ticket for students - around 1,50 Zl (you must to show your card of student)
Normal Ticket – around 3 Zl
If you want to travel around Poland you can do it by train or by bus.
Warszawa – Krakow
30.00 Zl – 7,17€
If you have a SIM-lock free mobile you can get a starter SIM card such as “Play” for 5 Zl which is 1,25 Euro from any newsagent’s and you’ll have a Polish number. If you top it up with another 5 Zl it will be valid for a year.

The Polish currency is Zloty (1 euro = aprox.4,35 Zloty). Be aware that the exchange offices in the airport may charge a different rate for exchanging Euro to Zloty. It would be better if you can have some Polish currency at your arrival. If not possible, I will advice you not to change more than 20-50 Euro at your arrival in the airport.

10. Cost of living

Costs of living in Poland are lower than in some other western European countries.
Check here for details : http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=Poland&city=Warsaw

11. ECTS Catalog