Literary Club and Theatre Club

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Literary Club and Theatre Club

Coordinator: dr Joanna Stolarek

Meetings: Thursdays, twice a month at 3.p.m., room 113

Beginning of the literary club: October 2015

Main goals and activities of the literary club: cycle meetings (once ort wice a month), discussions, interviews, film sessions aiming at showing students various cultural processes in literature, film and theatre in Europe and the world


Participants of the literary club are planning to create students’ theatre  - staging classical and contemporary plays in English.

Suggested topics:


  1. British and Irish theatre.
  2. American drama.
  3. British Romantic poets.     
  4. Victorian poetry, novel and art
  5. Postmodernism in British and American fiction.       
  6. British and American film adaptations.
  7. Postmodern art. British and American pop culture.       
  8. Modernism in British literature and art.           
  9. American short story.
  10. Anglophone ethnic literature and culture (film, music, architecture). Multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity in the UK and the USA.
  11. Canadian literature and culture.         
  12. Irish literature, history and culture (conflicts in Northern Ireland).
  13. Scottish literature, history and culture.
  14. Comparative literature.         
  15. Humour, grotesque and pastiche in Anglophone literature.
  16. Existentialism in Anglophone literature.     
  17. Gender studies.
  18. Racial problems in the USA; Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, the Ku Klux Klan. Race in movie and music.      
  19. Beat generation and the hippie movement in the USA (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs).
  20. The American West, Western and the frontier tradition (John Steinbeck).